Collaborative Clinic


Jodi and Christy have established a partnership with Dr. Lee-Anne Laverty, a highly sought-after orthopaedic surgeon with a sub-specialty in hand and wrist reconstruction who works at Trail Regional Hospital.

Dr. Laverty joins the Blackbird team for a monthly Hand Clinic where the three clinicians work side–by–side seeing patients and problem-solving together to come up with best-case scenarios for their surgical and non-surgical patients.

The ultimate goal of the Hand Clinic is to enhance patient outcomes and work as a team to provide leading-edge integrative medicine. They also wanted to more efficiently and effectively identify patients for non-surgical intervention; work more collaboratively with patients who were in rehabilitation for advanced surgeries; and explore state-of-the-art techniques for complex surgeries and rehab.

The Collaborative Hand Clinic was featured in the recent edition of Directions, which you can read below: