It is awesome to have these amazing Physiotherapists that specialize on hands to shoulders. I had chronic pain in my finger joints that was stopping me from playing guitar. I received an effective treatment that revealed the pain and got me strumming again. Additionally I understand what was causing the tension and was given simple exercises have kept me healthy!

David Oosthuizen

I was having chronic hand pain that I couldn’t shake for a few months. I figured it was the beginning of a long haul with arthritis. At my first appointment with Christy she zeroed in on the possible problem right away. I followed her instructions and after a few sessions checking the progress and tweaking treatment the pain eased and I’m now totally pain free. I highly recommend Christy and the rest of Blackbird Physio!

Jeff Nield

I was referred to Blackbird Physio after my flexor tendons was severed on my index finger from a skill saw accident. A week after surgery, I met with Christy and she outlined a rehab program to begin slowly getting some movement and incrementally increasing my range of motion with my index finger. I had no idea how much work we would have to do together to achieve this. Through specific massage techniques, stretching, exercises, and splints Christy brought mobility back to my previously severed finger and was able to reduce the pain.
I received expert care from not only Christy, but the entire team at Blackbird. Thank you all for helping me return to work and my daily life and activities.

Luc Senechal

I endured a crush injury to my dominant index finder, Aileen has brought me back, when I didn’t believe it was even possible. You are truly in good hands with Blackbird.. never ever give up! With good help, you can recover.

Dave Wendel

These ladies are amazing! We are lucky to have such specialists in this town:) thanks for you help!

Dee Anne Nadeau

Phenomenal talent between these two, with impeccable service and care – the best in the business.

Tanji Zumpano

Carlie and Jodi are AMAZING !!!!! They are the main reason I can return to work pain free !!!!!

Randy Nickel

I truly cherished my treatments at Blackbird with Jodi, she has years of experience and a whole spectrum of different treatments. I really appreciated her expertise and unique approach. The front staff were always very helpful and courteous. I had a great experience at Blackbird and I certainly would recommend them to anyone needing treatment for hand or arms.

Jennie A.

I have been going to Blackbird Physiotherapy: Hand to Shoulder Centre since the fall of 2014.

The place is open, naturally lit, and has a welcoming and professional team.

In my case, my hands are in need of constant care due to the chronic stiffness and bending caused by Systemic Scleroderma. Jodi Dool has managed to help me regain mobility. Jodi uses my input and suggestions to include me in the healing process.

When I watch Jodi as she draws circulation into my forearms, I feel like I am watching a string musician playing a beloved instrument, like a cello. At Blackbird, I am treated like royalty mended with gold. Overtime, together we have been turning an otherwise upsetting circumstance into a life adventure.

Today I have new faith that one day I may have full use of my hands again.

Kim Deane

After 15 years as a driving instructor I was experiencing substantial back problems from long
days of sitting all day every day. This meant very restricted range of motion, reduced flexibility
and muscle spasms which limited my ability to enjoy life.

That all changed when I met Anna Topf. Anna showed me simple movements and exercises
that changed my life. Each visit I get a personalized written plan that is easy to understand and
follow. A few visits a year have restored and maintained flexibility, range of motion, increased
strength and stamina.

Before I met Anna days dragged by full of muscle spasms, stiffness and frustration
After Anna, days disappear as I can do all the things I want to do.

Wilfred Warner

I came to Blackbird Physio after a work-related accident severely damaged one of my fingers. Thanks to the professional care of Aileen and the staff at Blackbird, I have regained almost full mobility and functionality of my finger. The staff at Blackbird are very knowledgeable, experienced and personable. They take great care of their clients and I would highly recommend their services to anyone requiring physiotherapy.


Blackbird Physio has a dynamic team of professionals who helped me through a serious injury. Their speed and effectiveness is matched by their good spirits and humour. I enjoy going to my appointments, and I know I am in good hands(!)


In June 2018 I contracted an aggressive staph infection in my dominant right index finger while working at a fishing lodge on Haida Gwaii. After 12 days in Haida Gwaii hospital and finger surgery in Vancouver to flush out the infection, WorkSafe recommended recognized Blackbird Physiotherapy for my intensive hand therapy. The entire team has played a huge part of my amazing recovery. After nearly a year of physio and a second surgery required to release the tendon and fingertip nerves from scar tissue performed by Dr. Lee-Anne Laverty in Trail, I am now nearing my plateau. I have regained a good portion of use which is amazing considering I nearly lost my finger. I am very grateful to the entire Blackbird team and a special thank you to Jodi, who with her extensive knowledge and approachable personality, has taught me how to get the most out of my physio. Thank You to you all!

Valinda Lea